Ghostrunner 2: Ascends to Neon Heights on October 26, 2023

Blood will run, October 26

Don’t know if you have noticed, but we like the Cyberpunk vibe around here and Ghostrunner 2 is ticking every single box for us.

Created by video game developer One More Level and publisher 505 Games, announce one of their most highly anticipated sequels of 2023, the first-person cyberpunk-action thriller Ghostrunner 2.

Robots, lots of robots

Ghostrunner 2 looks to be the sort of game we could just sink hours into, cyber ninjas, fast-paced combat plus a sick soundtrack! We are SO IN. With a combat system that reminds us of Mirrors Edge/Titanfall 2, hyper-stylized with Cyberpunk 2077 every single thing about this game is making us want to check out the first title. (Coming soon)

Previously on Ghostrunner

Set one year after the critically acclaimed sci-fi smash, Ghostrunner 2 sees cyber ninja protagonist Jack emerging from the deathtrap of Dharma Tower for the first time to explore the sprawling wasteland beyond. Featuring intense fast-paced-push-forward combat, and deeply challenging gameplay, the sequel promises to up the ante from the original in every conceivable way, including, for the first time, vehicular combat as Jack takes to the wastelands on his new motorcycle.

Bursting with new powers, upgradeable abilities, traversal mechanics, an expanded narrative, deeper world building, and devilish new enemies, Ghostrunner 2 is the ultimate power fantasy… every kill will be earned. Adapt to, and master the gameplay as only a cyber ninja would. Be under no illusion…. blood will run. Accompanied by a killer synthwave soundtrack, Ghostrunner 2 is released later in 2023.

From Ghostrunner 2 Developers 505 Games and One More Level

Ghostrunner 2, the first-person cyberpunk-action thriller from 505 Games and One More Level, will be available worldwide on Thursday, October 26 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Steam, Epic and GOG with preorders available today. Fans who purchase the Brutal Edition of Ghostrunner 2 will receive 48-hour early access and other additional in-game content. 

Watch the new trailer now, highlighting Jack’s action-packed fight against the violent AI cult that has assembled outside Dharma Tower. Today, fans get a new look at the new high-powered motorcycle and vehicular combat, plus a host of mind-bending enemies and battles that Jack will face off against later this year. With Ghostrunner 2’s revamped progression system, veterans and newcomers alike can face challenging encounters with an increased focus on approachability and a new ‘block and perfect’ parry system. 

Preorders are available now for Ghostrunner 2, with ‘exclusives’ for preordering.

  • Base Edition (£34.99, Digital and Physical) – Digital and physical preorders get the Traditional Katana Pack including two sword skins and two hand skins
  • Deluxe Edition (£44.99, Digital) – Includes everything in the base edition, along with four additional hand skins, four extra sword skins, and a personalized hand hologram displaying their current username
  • Brutal Edition (£64.99, Digital) – Includes everything in the Deluxe Edition, along with 48-hours  of early access starting Tuesday, Oct. 24. Brutal Edition also comes with the Season Pass (worth £14.99, featuring a new Game Mode and four Asset Packs), Animated Skin (Sword/Hand), and Motorcycle Skin

Ghostrunner 2 launches on PlayStation 5Xbox Series X|SSteamEpic and GOG on October 26, 2023, starting at £34.99. Find out more by visiting the official website.

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