Action Bronson’s Unforgettable Tiny Desk Performance

Dive into the captivating world of Action Bronson as he takes over the Tiny Desk with his undeniable charisma and unique style.

While he occasionally strays from the microphone, it’s all part of the authentic Bronson experience. His band, Human Growth Hormone, delivers such funky renditions of his hits that it’s hard to stay still.

From his diverse passions in food, fashion, and art to his consistent music projects since 2011, Action Bronson proves he’s a multifaceted entertainer.

Experience highlights from albums like “Mr. Wonderful,” “Lamb Over Rice,” and “Only For Dolphins.” This isn’t just a performance; it’s a testament to Bronson’s inimitable presence in the music world. Don’t miss tracks like “Dmtri,” “Live from the Moon,” and “Latin Grammys.” Join us for a show that’s pure Bronson – raw, real, and always entertaining.

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