Alex Terrible Doomslayer: A Track Born from Passion and Persistence

The metal community thrives on raw energy, passion and insane vocals. Alex Terrible, the powerhouse vocalist of Slaughter to Prevail, taps into that hell energy and then some with his new DOOM-inspired single, ‘Doomslayer‘.

Alex Terrible’s ‘Doomslayer’: A Deep Dive into its DOOM-Inspired Origins

Following on from his cover of Doom Eternals “The Only Thing They Fear Is You” and Doom 2016’s “BFG Division” it’s revealed that Alex had approached Mick Gordon to collaborate on some new material.

Alex Terrible on stage performing

What if I created side project called Alex Terrible and we’ll do something familiar. I just realised I need to text mick Gordon, I text him and he answered back.

He was like down, he was positive and i was stocked. I was excited, but then he changed his mind. I was like fuck that. I will move forward and do it by myself.

The track amplifies the essence of DOOM, taking it up a notch. So brace yourself, and let us know what you think!

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