Koala Sampler: The Latest Mixer and Effects Update

It’s time to dive headfirst into the latest update for Koala Sampler. Elf Audio, the brilliant minds behind this music-making machine. Unveiled a groundbreaking update that’s set to redefine the way we create and craft music.

Let’s take a closer look at the latest game-changing addition to Koala Sampler: the Mixer and Effects Update.

Accessing the Mixer and Effects

To access the new mixer and effects in Koala Sampler, head over to the Perform section. Look for the “mixer” text located at the bottom, and simply tap on it. If you don’t already own the latest update you’ll be prompted to purchase. (at time of writing was about £4.70/$5 ) once in that’s it.

To hide just click the mixer again and you’ll be taken to the main FX page.

Koala Sampler The Mixer

We’re introduced to the revamped mixer, which now boasts four channels or buses, and the main channel where you can now add your own final effects chain.

Each channel has five slots so your sonic canvas has just exploded with possabilities.

Routing Sounds

Now, let’s dive into routing sounds. By default, all sounds flow into the main channel. However, with this update, you can route individual samples to any of the four buses.

With this newfound routing flexibility, you can sculpt your sound to perfection, mix elements independently, and create unique sonic landscapes.

Naming Your Buses

We can also rename each bus. This feature allows for better organisation and clarity in your projects. Now, your buses can have custom names, making the mixing process even more intuitive.

Faders and Level Meters

The mixer includes faders for each channel, granting you precise control over the volume of your sound elements. Additionally, there’s a level meter for each channel, helping you monitor your audio levels and prevent unwanted clipping.

Solo and Mute Buttons

Koala Sampler’s mixer incorporates convenient solo and mute buttons for each channel. The clever feature borrowed from Logic: the ability to drag the solo and mute buttons to fade sounds in and out, adding a dynamic touch to your mixes.

Koala Sampler: New Effects

Moving on with Koala Sampler’s latest update provides an impressive array of effects to shape your sound.

Adding Effects

To add effects to a channel, simply tap on any of the five available slots. A list of effects will appear, and the possibilities are endless.

Auto Pan

One of the standout effects showcased, is the Auto Pan effect. With controls for depth and stereo width, it allows for precise panning and rhythmic manipulation of your sound. You can even sync it to the tempo for perfect timing.


Bitcooker is another gem in Koala Sampler’s effects arsenal. It simulates bit crushing and sample rate reduction, allowing you to achieve lo-fi and vintage effects with ease. Adjust the parameters to craft your desired sound.


The limiter effect comes in handy for preventing clipping on the main output. It offers control over gain reduction and keeps your mix clean during export.

Phaser, Pitch Shifter, and More

Explore additional effects such as the phaser, pitch shifter, and various modulation effects. Koala Sampler’s effects library is growing, promising endless creative possibilities.

Sidechain Compression

Sidechain compression is also demonstrated, how to use the kick’s audio to modulate the volume of another channel. This technique adds rhythmic depth and dynamics to your music.

Visual Feedback

The visual elements within Koala Sampler’s mixer and effects provide valuable insights into your audio processing. From level meters to real-time graphs, you can monitor and fine-tune your sound with precision.

Koala Sampler: This update is just the beginning

It looks like this is just the beginning. The new mixer and effects add-on for Koala Sampler open up a world of sonic exploration and creativity. The update not only showcases the power of Koala Sampler but also a promise of more exciting features to come.

In summary, Koala Sampler’s latest update introduces a robust mixer with versatile routing options, an impressive collection of effects, and intuitive visual feedback.

It’s a must-have for music producers looking to take their sound design and mixing to the next level. Explore the possibilities, craft your signature sound, and let Koala Sampler be your creative partner in music production.

Download Koala Sampler now!

Explore Koala Sampler and unlock a world of sonic creativity like never before.

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