Amp Up Your Beats: Akai’s Latest MPC Update

Hey, chooms! The Akai MPC just got a sick update that’s perfect for everyone, whether you’re making beats on Hardware, a Mac or a PC. The MPC 2.12.2 Software Update gives us increased stability and the inclusion of new plugin interfaces/sound effects. Let’s get on with it, shall we?

Desktop Update for MPC Beats

Easy to Get the Update

To get the new stuff for your MPC, just log into your Akai account, go to your registered products and click on the update in downloads.

Special Update for Your MPC Machine

This update isn’t just for your computer. It’s also for all the MPC machines like the MPC One, MPC Live, and others.

Getting the Update is Easy

Follow the same steps as before log into your Akai account and select the device your device of your choice when installing.

If you need more help, check out our ultimate guide on how to update your MPC device.

Cool New Stuff in the Update

Better Looking Plugins

The plugins that help you make cool sounds now look better and are easier to use.

New Sounds to Play With

  • AIR Chorus: Makes your music sound fuller.
  • AIR Multitap Delay: Adds echoes and repeats to your sounds.
  • AIR Expander: Helps clean up your music by getting rid of noises you don’t want.
  • AIR Spectral (only on MPC software): Lets you mess with the deep parts of your sounds.
  • AIR Vintage Filter: Gives you that old-school filter sound for your music.

Fixes to Keep Things Running Smooth

They fixed some bugs like:

  • The AIR Jura plugin sounds better now.
  • No more missing shortcuts in MPC One+.
  • Plugins work better everywhere.
  • No more problems with temporary files when you turn off your MPC.
  • For Windows users, if the MPC software won’t start, just delete a folder (ProgramData\Akai\MPC\Sentry), and it’ll work again.

Is the latest MPC update worth it?

This update makes your MPC better than ever. It’s got new features and fixes to help you make your music awesome! Go ahead and get the update now!

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